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Лекции по истории, анализу а драматургии современного танца [Fri, Apr 10, 09 / 4:40pm]


С 14 по 18 Апреля в рамках Лаборатории Современного Танца и Перформанса «СОТА» в Центре Современной Культуры «ГАРАЖ» пройдет курс лекций, посвященный истории, теории и анализу современного танца. Лекции прочтет Австрийский аналитик и драматург современного танца Николь Хайзингер, которая специально по этому случаю приезжает в Москву.

«Современный танец характеризует не только то, что он новый, прогрессивный и является частью современного искусства, но так же и то, что он несёт в себе интеллектуальный взгляд на телесный язык, разнообразные модели перформанса, свою собственную историю и социально-культурный контекст. Что и откуда мы знаем о танце, если не брать в учёт суждения о нем как о театрально-драматическом жанре. Под каким углом мы можем взглянуть на современный танец, учитывая те инструментарии, которыми он пользуется — текстовые смыслы, драматургия, форма, движение, техника и хореография. Посредством какой культурной медиа и почему именно там, мы сохраняем нашу память о танце? Как это определяет наши дальнейшие предпочтения?
Говоря о современном танце, через призму его собственной истории, мы рассмотрим возможные способы восприятия, анализа и понимания данного вида искусства».
Николь Хайзингер

В свои 33 года Николь, уже защитила докторскую диссертацию в Институте Театральных Искусств Венского Университета. С 1999 её специализацией являлись  история, анализ и драматургия танцевального искусства.  Как драматург, она работала с хореографами и перформерами международной величины, такими как: Meg Stuart, João Fiadeiro, Vera Mantero, Milli Bitterli. Как научный сотрудник, танцевальный драматург и куратор она принимала участие во многих  международных проектах, теоретических и практических занятиях. Объектом её научного, драматургического и журналистского исследования является творческое взаимодействие между теорией и практикой, историей и настоящим в танце. На данный момент она является преподавателем по танцевальному искусству в Зальцбургском Университете, где ведет постоянные лекции, а так же сотрудничает в перформерами, танцовщиками и художниками, работая над совместными проектами.


Время и место лекций: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 Апреля 20.00 в Центре Современной Культуры "ГАРАЖ" http://www.garageccc.com/

Стоимость одного дня лекции 150р.
Лекции будут сопровождаться видео-показами

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The mime in memoriam (22. 4. 1923 - 22. 9. 2007) [Fri, Oct 19, 07 / 6:17pm]
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LIQUIDация снова в Москве! [Tue, Jul 31, 07 / 6:48pm]

160,23 КБ
6, 7 августа в 21.00
на "FАБRИКЕ" в выставочном зале "Оливье".

Заказ билетов: 8 916 956 53 01
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Mime Advice 2 [Mon, Jun 11, 07 / 12:55am]

It's me again, I was wondering if anyone had any mime music they could recommend. I want to practice at home, but I don't know what music to use. Any suggestions? Genres, artists, or song names are welcome.

And are there any books I could check out? I never thought I'd be so interested in mime when I started this class O_O.
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Mime Advice [Tue, Jun 05, 07 / 8:15am]

Hello to everyone!

I recently had a class on mime at school, and became interested in it. I've been looking for resources online, but they're usually very limited. Can anyone recommend any books on the art of mime, please? That would be awesome. :D

And I have a question: How important is it to have a characteristic mime face? Do I really need to put a lot of thought into what my eyebrows look like, for example? I've noticed most mimes have similar faces, and concentrate on facial expressions. What should I do?
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corporeal mime in spain [Mon, Jan 22, 07 / 7:23pm]
hello everyone.
Writing from barcelona, wher we created a physical theatre school and company, specialized in Corporeal mime.
if that does not mean anything to you, contact us through our site

we are looking for people or company sharing the same kinds of ideas to create new projects.
talk soon.

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Attention all members [Fri, Jan 12, 07 / 10:59pm]

Since this community is fairly new, it's quite quiet. *watches bushfly past* So maybe you'd like to introduce yourselves either in response to this entry or in a separate entry, saying who you are, what sort of physical theatre you do/are interested in, who your favourite companies/performers are, etc.

To start, I'm Gabrielle, 17 years old from South London, UK. I first became interested in Physical Theatre in 2004 when I saw the DV8 film 'The Cost of Living' on television. I liked the blend of physicality with narrative and character.
Other companies I like are Big Wow, Ridiculusmus, The Right Size, Trestle and Little Wonder. My favourite style of physical theatre is comedy because physicality lends itself very well to comedy, hence mime artists and suchlike. :-D
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David Armand [Fri, Nov 03, 06 / 3:10pm]

David Armand is a LAMDA trained actor/comedian who created a mime to Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn' which can be viewed here. I recommend it; it's brilliant. :-D
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A Game [Fri, Oct 13, 06 / 11:06pm]

I did a hip-hop drama workshop this evening and we used the following game:

In Groups of 3:
Listen to a piece of music and make a list of the words it makes you think of. Each pick a word and create a short movement to represent it. Then merge the three movements together to make a kind of physical machine. Play the piece of music in the background as you perform your linked movements.
This exercise works really well to get you moving to a rhythm and to create unity in your movements. It's also a good game to establish ideas if you're creating a devised piece or a longer piece of theatre. There is no text involved, forcing the participants to use only their bodies.

My experience:
I was listening to a hip-hop track that had no lyrics. Our list of words was:


My move was two thrust-punches. I combined this with my team-mates movements and we ended up with a street fight. We repeated it several times to the music and our audience cheered. :-) Try it out!
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Big Wow nominated in The Stage Awards [Thu, Sep 14, 06 / 11:27am]

Liverpool-based physical theatre company Big Wow were nominated in the 2006 Edinburgh Stage Awards. Their show 'Insomnobabble' was one of the highest selling shows in Edinburgh and played for just under a month at the Smirnoff Underbelly. 

Matt Rutter (and the commendable arms of Tim Lynskey) in 'Insomnobabble'

Sadly, the company lost out to The National Theatre of Scotland, announced on August 27th. 
Big Wow were one of only two duos nominated in the Best Ensemble category and are touring the highly-energetic show later in the year.
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